Apprenticeships – What it means for your Business


A business is only as good as its workforce.

Apprenticeship Programmes make it easier for you to build and keep loyal and productive employees by enabling them to achieve their potential within your business.

Apprenticeships can support your business by:

    • Helping you retain talent
    • Helping you attract new talent

By welcoming new apprentices into your business, not only are you encouraging a fluid workforce, but you are giving individuals the opportunity of developing a career with the relevant skills and qualifications that your business requires. Apprentices will grow and develop with your business and are therefore much more likely to stay and become key team members

Apprenticeships allow you to bring new talent through the ranks and train your team with the skills they need to help your business succeed.

Recruiting new employees can be an expensive & time-consuming process. Being an Apprentice no longer means being an unskilled, inexperienced school leaver.  Apprenticeship programmes help you to spot potential talent within your business, and nurture it to realise its full potential. Higher and Degree Apprenticeships are a great alternative to university, offering qualifications up to degree level, no tuition fees and the opportunity to earn while your employees learn.

Look across your business and what current training and development you already do and how this maps to the apprenticeship standards from entry level through to managerial roles, to see which of them can be used to develop the skills you need.

Can anyone be an Apprentice?

Anyone in your business can become an apprentice but the Levy Fund can only be claimed to cover approved standards that are on the apprenticeships standard list. 

If you have mapped your training needs and your requirements are not on the standard list, then you can consider Learning Workshops to develop Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills & Habits of your employees to improve their personal effectiveness. 


Over the coming months we will be Looking Out on the impact of the Apprenticeship Levy and how this is affecting Training Budgets, which could be restricting the amount of personal development for existing employees not on the scheme. We will be gathering your feedback, so it would be great to hear how this is impacting on you, your business and your employees… keep an eye out on LinkedIn