Being Successful at Work

This series of workshops will enable your teams to align their core values with your culture and working environment, empower them to take responsibility, enlighten them on the way they behave which can be destructive and sabotage their own best efforts and enable them to better manage themselves by being able to handle situations in a positive and constructive way.

These 4-half day workshop can be delivered in a venue of your choice for up to 12 delegates 

Who should attend?

  • Those who want to learn what kind of working environment and role best suits them.

  • People who want to manage their career and motivation at work better.

  • Individuals who want to learn more about their strengths and how to manage them to achieve better results at work.

  • Those who want to understand how misusing your strengths can manifest in unproductive behaviour, learn how to manage their strengths more effectively and make real and meaningful behavioural changes.

  • Your team members who are feeling conflicts at work, who want to regain control over what triggers conflict and build resilience to reduce conflict from happening.

What are the benefits?

  • We can develop your team’s approach to coping with change

  • We can help your managers to understand the change management tools and techniques and how to apply them practically

  • We can help your managers to understand the emotional journey of change in the business, how this affects other members of the team and how to prevent unnecessary stress

  • We can help your team to identify the ‘Change Champions’ and how best to utilise them

  • Your team will be reminded of the success factors when embedding change and how this can have a positive effect on the business and the entire team in the long-run

What are the benefits?

  • Your team members take full ownership for their career development, they learn tools to better understand what drives them, so they can align their values to discover the kind of working environment and role that best suits them.

  • We will raise their understanding, so they have more strengths to choose from achieving better results in your workplace and more productive relationships.

  • They will discover how strengths they overdo can have a disruptive effect on others and can increase conflict and recognise how to adapt their behaviours to achieve real behavioural changes.

  • Your team members will recognise the difference between inner conflict and opposition, know how to build resilience to conflict triggers and not be pulled into conflict, see the big picture and work with others to reduce conflict.

What will the learning experience include?

  • An understanding of what individuals expect from their working environment, building self-awareness & understanding of what motivates them using the Strength Deployment Inventory Profile®, connecting their values to the work environment and taking responsibility for change.


  • Identification of own strengths using the Strength Deployment Inventory® to enable them to recognise the impact of their behaviours on others and provide them with the power of choice.

  • Continue with behaviours to assess their overdone strengths using the Strength Deployment Inventory® to learn skills to manage these strengths to avoid conflict and unproductive behaviour.

  • Learn what triggers conflict, manage your own behaviour to prevent conflict from escalating and develop a strategy that can be applied to real life situations.

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