Performance Management

As a manager it can be challenging to manage difficult conversations with individuals in your team in order to increase their performance. Our ‘Performance Management' workshop equips your managers with the tools and techniques required to hold effective discussions in the workplace and gain agreement and resolution on how to move forward, reducing the need to evoke the formal disciplinary processes. 

This 1-day workshop can be delivered in a venue of your choice for up to 12 delegates 

Who should attend?

      A manager / team leader who…

  • Wants to get the best from their team and develop their people management skills. 

  • Wants to understand how to effectively performance manage individuals from the beginning, set performance objectives, provide effective feedback and reduce conflict. 

  • Is new to management and struggles to deal with difficult conversations.

  • Has underperforming team members and needs to improve results.

What are the benefits?

  • We can develop your team’s approach to coping with change

  • We can help your managers to understand the change management tools and techniques and how to apply them practically

  • We can help your managers to understand the emotional journey of change in the business, how this affects other members of the team and how to prevent unnecessary stress

  • We can help your team to identify the ‘Change Champions’ and how best to utilise them

  • Your team will be reminded of the success factors when embedding change and how this can have a positive effect on the business and the entire team in the long-run

What are the benefits?

      Your managers…

  • Will develop appropriate strategies to effectively performance manage all of their team members from the high performing individuals, to the individuals who need help and support to increase performance.

  • Will feel more confident and capable of developing their team’s performance using tried and tested tools and techniques taught in our Performance Management Training.

  • Will improve peak performance factors and start to build strong teams, increasing overall business performance. 

What will the learning experience include?

  • Identification of the costs of conflict to a business and the need for effective performance management that engages with the team and adds value to the business.

  • Steps of the Performance Management Cycle, the Psychological Contract and the difference between Conduct and Capability performance issues.

  • The triggers of conflict and how our own fears can prevent us from handling the difficult conversations.

  • Handling performance management issues effectively with best practice tools and techniques for current business case studies.

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