Minimising Conflict

Frequent workplace conflict can be detrimental to your employee’s well-being and productivity. Our ‘Minimising Conflict’ workshop empowers your employees to handle both their own and others conflict more effectively, reducing the costs of conflict to your business. 

This 1-day workshop can be delivered in a venue of your choice for up to 12 delegates 

Who should attend?

  • Individuals or Managers who are experiencing conflict and want to manage their own conflicts more productively.

  • Those who want to understand how they can improve relationships with individual team members.

  • Managers who want to be able to approach difficult conversations with confidence. 

  • Managers who want to increase productivity in their team by overcoming team complaints and frustrations.

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits?

  • The Conflict Management Training workshop will empower your team to take responsibility for building effective relationships and avoiding conflict by dealing with issues before they escalate. 

  • Managing your own conflict sequence and dealing with fears will enable you to spend more time feeling motivated and less time in conflict.

  • Your managers will feel that they can more effectively deal with difficult situations. 

  • This workshop will save money and time for your business, by eliminating time wasted on unnecessary relationship issues. 

What your learning experience will include

  • An understanding of the impact and costs of conflict to a business. 

  • An understanding of the triggers of conflict and reasons as to why certain people cause conflict. 

  • Using the ‘Strength Deployment Inventory' we will get to the bottom of what your team members individual strengths and potential blindsides are. 

  • Your team will understand how their personal behaviours could have positive intentions, but be perceived by others as negative. 

  • We will go through practical case studies with your team so that they feel confident to resolve real life conflict situations.

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