Presenting with Confidence

Delivering your company’s message effectively can be difficult for team members when nerves get in the way, or they don’t understand their audience. Our workshop ‘Presenting with Confidence’ will provide your individuals with everything they need in order to deliver impactful presentations, with a message that sticks. 

This 2-day workshop can be delivered in a venue of your choice for up to 6 delegates 

Who should attend?

  • Those who want to become a credible, assertive, confident presenter and know how to structure a quality presentation, without relying on PowerPoint presentations. 

  • Members of your team(s) who want to overcome fears around presenting. 

  • Those who present to external suppliers, stake holders etc as part of their role and want to learn how to engage, inspire and influence an audience, gaining commitment to ideas, solutions or plans. 

  • Members of your team who want to know how to deliver messages that stick. 

What are the benefits?

  • We can develop your team’s approach to coping with change

  • We can help your managers to understand the change management tools and techniques and how to apply them practically

  • We can help your managers to understand the emotional journey of change in the business, how this affects other members of the team and how to prevent unnecessary stress

  • We can help your team to identify the ‘Change Champions’ and how best to utilise them

  • Your team will be reminded of the success factors when embedding change and how this can have a positive effect on the business and the entire team in the long-run

What are the benefits?

  • Your team will feel confident to create and deliver high impact presentations.

  • Your team will learn how to manage their audience, build relationships and gain interest. 

  • We will provide your team with a method to easily tailor-make every presentation. 

  • Your team will confidently be able to deliver your company’s key message with impact during their presentations to key external suppliers and stake holders. 

What will the learning experience include?

  • A breakdown of your individual team member's beliefs around presenting which either hinder or help their performance.

  • An understanding of their audience; their needs and what interests them. Your team will then learn how to adapt their current style to meet the needs of their audience. 

  • An understanding of how to plan and prioritise the content of a presentation to have the biggest impact. 

  • Exploration of the different forms of visual aids and when best to use them. 

  • Your team will learn how to manage their environment and to take control of the space around them. 

  • Practical tools and techniques on how to manage their nerves, present with confidence, handle their body posture and audience participation to present with confidence.

  • Throughout the two days they will deliver several presentations and gain detailed feedback to enable your team to develop their skills for the future. 

Presentation training 

There are many benefits attached to attending presentation skills training. Presentations are an unavoidable part of working life for many, and by improving your presentation techniques you can become a much more confident, engaging and convincing speaker who can influence decisions. At Outlook Partnerships, we can come to your assistance if you need to arrange presentation skills training for yourself or your team, and we have worked with companies and organisations from a wide range of industry sectors. 

Boosting Confidence and Engagement

Our presentation skills training services are designed to help speakers to manage their content, manage their audience, manage the environment and manage themselves, all of which will help them to become more relaxed, confident, clear and coherent when giving presentations. During our presentation skills workshops, you can learn more about making the most of the technology available to you, creating an unforgettable presentation, engaging with your audience and addressing their queries effectively. 

Enhancing Presentation Quality

Improving the quality of your presentations can benefit your company in a myriad of ways. The slicker and more engaging a presentation is, the more professional speakers and the companies they work for seem. Presentation skills training can help speakers build trust and create valuable networking opportunities. Effective presentations entertain audiences and retain their attention throughout, inspiring listeners to take particular actions and even drive sales. 

Overcoming Fear and Increasing Confidence

Presentation skills training can boost self-confidence considerably and enables speakers to amplify the best parts of their personalities. Attending a presentation skills training course can help someone overcome their fear of presenting. The skills learned during presentation skills training can be carried over to other areas of life, making it easier to communicate with a wider range of people and provide team members with a valuable feeling of accomplishment. Attending a presentation skills training course doesn’t require a huge investment in terms of time or money, yet the long-term rewards can be substantial. 

Better Opportunities

Even those that see themselves as reluctant presenters can achieve things they never previously thought possible after attending presentation training. Developing strong presentation skills can also mean becoming more adept at selling products and services, widening up the number of opportunities available to individuals and increasing the chances of job offers and promotions. 

Why Outlook Partnerships?

Outlook Partnerships was first established back in 2001, and we have helped countless individuals to achieve their full potential since our inception. Our services enable businesses to achieve outstanding results and help change the way adult learning is perceived for the better. These training services are designed to make learning more enjoyable and practical with valuable and constructive feedback on how to improve your personal performance. When business representatives and employees attend our courses, they become more inspired to engage with their customers and clients. We can offer tailored training solutions and have the utmost respect for our customers whilst delivering a valuable independent view. At the heart of our service is our determination to help individuals think, feel and behave more positively. 

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