Alexander Dennis

Overview - Workshop

Alexander Dennis is a global manufacturing company going through a period of large growth. Two years ago a Finance Shared Service Centre (FSSC) was set up with core transactional processing moving centrally. The FSSC employees were a combination of new starters and existing business finance employees. Initial focus was on developing a positive/constructive working environment, bedding activities and delivering excellent value added service to all stakeholders.

More recently the FSSC has gone through structural changes to align the function to the business. The FSSC Manager wanted to look at the teams mind set, to develop their awareness of stakeholder needs, communicate and influence their customer expectations and work effectively as one team across the department. The FSSC Manager contacted Outlook partnerships to help in delivering this.

What is Included

Outlook Partnerships designed a ‘Time Management’ course and a two day ‘Team Dynamics’ course which was delivered to the whole of the FSSC department. Content incorporated:

  • Team Awareness of strengths and potential blindsides
  • Communicating & Influencing with stakeholders effectively
  • Managing Conflict productively
  • Managing Self & Time productively
  • Communicating with Impact with external suppliers & senior Managers

The Outcome

Following the delivery of the training there was a definite buzz in the department and feedback was very positive with everyone enjoying the experience. The learning has improved confidence in the department, understanding of self and others which leads to improved communication, relationships, identifying what’s important to stakeholders and also managing expectations. The team now:

  • Recognise their own natural strengths and potential blindsides
  • Recognise others natural strengths and how to approach them dependent on their style
  • Understand the dynamics of their team/department and what an effective team is
  • Recognise what happens to themselves and others when in conflict and how to communicate more effectively to avoid, minimise and resolve constructively
  • Able to identify goals/priorities and work effectively as a team to deliver within deadlines

Case Study Testimonial

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