NEW Emotional Intelligence Leadership Programme

We're so excited to announce our new leadership programme for experienced leaders - The Conscious Leader. We’ve developed a brand new Emotional Intelligence Leadership Programme, which is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  Managers and leaders need very different skills now to what they did in the past, which is why we’re launching this exciting …

Our 9 new learning workshops ‘bring learning to the heart of a business’ for 2020 challenges

We have created 9 new learning workshops to provide the right knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits that businesses need to survive and thrive in 2020. The workshops are not only professionally designed to address the main challenges and concerns which businesses are currently facing, but they are also now available via a simple on-line booking process – a unique proposition in this sector, but one which recognises the importance of convenience for businesses who are already time-poor.

How can I get more work done in less time?

It’s a common problem that everyone faces – feeling that you have a hundred tasks to do and not enough time to get them done. By making some simple changes to the way you and your team works, you can all pull together and achieve your goals, without burning out in the process.

How to Improve Productivity in Your Employees

Managing a team of employees is one of the greatest challenges you’ll face as a business owner. Getting the most out of them is just as important.

Unmotivated employees or team members not working to their full potential has a direct impact on your business and it can be frustrating when this leads to negative business results. Here are some suggestions for maximising productivity in your employees.

Emotional Intelligence is not just a throwaway term, it’s a workplace ‘must have’

Emotional Intelligence is a topic within which we could fully immerse ourselves (and probably blow our minds). At Outlook Partnerships we are not only concerned about harnessing the power of Emotional Intelligence within the workplace, but how this can benefit the organisations with whom we work with.

Motivating & Engaging Relationships

Motivation and engagement are difficult issues to address, and if they aren’t tackled correctly, they can have a detrimental effect on your business. Maybe recently you have noticed an increase in staff turnover, absence through sickness, disciplinaries and customer complaints… If so, it could be because your staff aren’t feeling motivated or engaged within their role.

Managing change in the workplace

Change can come in all shapes and forms and often leads to uncertainty, whether it be political, financial, or job security. The ambiguity that surrounds change can easily get out of hand and spread amongst your team members, in turn creating an unproductive and distracted team. As their employer, you will be the first person your team looks to for guidance, support and security during these times. To support your management of change and its difficulties we have highlighted some key topics below: –

Training the trainer and why it’s important

When it comes to training staff members, we often look to the most knowledgeable or senior member of staff to impart their knowledge to others. In house, on the job training can be cost effective, however if trainers do not have the necessary skills to deliver their knowledge to others, then training will be unsuccessful. For this reason, Train the Trainer workshops are becoming increasingly popular.

Increase productivity, reduce staff turnover & prepare employees for change with these 3 steps!

Struggling to motivate your teams? Spending too much time reducing employee conflicts? Or perhaps your workplace is going through a period of change and it’s making staff retention a difficult task…

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Energy & Utility Skills

Energy and Utility Skills provide membership, assurance and skills solutions to help employers attract, develop and retain a sustainable, skilled workforce to ensure the seamless delivery of essential services to 65 million people each day and UK Industry. Energy & Utility Skills brings industry leaders together to identify and address the skills challenges the sector faces.

Heron Foods

Heron Foods is a family run retail business with over 240 stores across the UK and employing over 3000 employees. They have one of the fastest changing ranges of discounted products in the UK.

Alexander Dennis

Alexander Dennis is a global manufacturing company going through a period of large growth. Two years ago a Finance Shared Service Centre (FSSC) was set up with core transactional processing moving centrally. The FSSC employees were a combination of new starters and existing business finance employees.

ASDA People 1st – Group Training Certificate

From their beginnings as the first UK discounter, offering customers the very best value has been Asda’s driving force. Asda is built upon listening to a diverse range of customers and offering what they need. They’re at their best when they keep things simple.

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