Dawson Group – Team Dynamics Learning Consultancy Workshop

Overview - Workshop

Dawson Truck & Trailer has a network of branches across the UK which specialises in Commercial Asset Rental. The success of the branch is fundamental to supporting customer service and delivering excellence, which is why the Executive Team invest in developing team dynamics where new members of staff have joined the group or where there is conflict.

What is Included

Outlook Partnerships were consulted to support the team development for some of their branches to improve team relationships, reduce conflict and achieve the following objectives:

  • Recognise what makes a successful team and the behavioural evidence of success
  • Establish your natural team strengths and potential blindsides using the Strength Deployment Inventory, to identify how you help or hinder your team results
  • Assess your team dynamics and discuss and agree how you would like to improve your team results
  • Identify what triggers conflict, your individual conflict sequence and how to manage conflict productively in all relationships


The learning objectives where achieved through two half day sessions which incorporated the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) as a tool with the first session focus on team relationships and the second session focus on conflict management.

The Outcome

The feedback from the individuals who attended said this was “very helpful to get the team together out of the branch environment and to learn more about the individuals we spend lots of time with” as well as “A very good course overall and certainly helps de-stress what is a busy environment”

  • 100% of Delegates felt that the workshop helped improve their performance in their role
  • As an immediate outcome of the workshop the team have implemented weekly branch communication meetings

Case Study Testimonial

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