Elliott Group Presentation Skills Learning Workshop

Overview - Workshop

Elliott Group is a world leader in modular space and portable accommodation solutions. From simple cabins to stylish and inspiring multi-storey buildings, their permanent and temporary solutions are constructed off-site to the highest standards, before being delivered and fully fitted to exact requirements.

Outlook Partnerships were consulted to address individual training needs for improving internal presentation skills and self-confidence, to deliver effective presentations at team meetings, with internal key stakeholders and ultimately with external audiences.

The goal was to train & develop managers and supervisors to create EPIC presentations by designing powerful visuals, confidently managing their audiences and influencing with impact.

What is Included

The Learning Workshop was a two-day workshop supported with pre-course and post course activities, to measure the success of the immediate training workshop, the intermediate impact on their individual presentation styles and the business results.

The Outcome

The feedback from the individuals who attended said this was a “Great course, very engaging & easy to learn” as well as “Loved this course, it has given me more confidence and helped me control anxiety in uncomfortable situations”.

As a direct result of the programme the following business results were achieved:

  • 50% of Delegates rated themselves as an excellent presenter compared to 100% rating themselves Poor-Fair before the workshop
  • 100% of Delegates were better at controlling their nerves
  • All delegates felt more confident when presenting and were able to communicate their message.

Case Study Testimonial

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