Mobile Mini – Finance Business Partnering Training Programme

Overview - Workshop

The Finance Support Team have now clearly defined their strategy and objective to build a culture of collaboration through strong business partnering, supporting the business in achieving outstanding results, through the delivery of financial excellence and innovation.

To achieve their objective a fundamental part is the need to build collaborative business partnering with their key stakeholders. This proposal is aimed at aligning their knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits from the finance support team to ensure they can maximise team engagement, adapt to their different stakeholders and deal with conflict situations more productively.

What is Included

To develop the Finance Partnering Team to increase business performance, it was recommended that there attended three modules:

  • Maximising Business Partner Engagement
  • Minimising Business Partner Conflict
  • Evolution of Business Partnering

Net Promotor Score (NPS)
Net Promotor Score is an industry best practice tool, that can be used to gauge the loyalty of customer relationships. A score of 50+ is deemed as excellent and a sore of 70+ is deemed as world class.
Our NPS Score is 66

The Outcome

  • 10% increase in assessing how the team is performing
  • 21% increase in understanding what motivates you
  • 19% increase in building rapport & understanding what motivates others
  • 20% increase in engaging with different stakeholder relationships
  • 11% increase in managing own levels of conflict
  • 11% increase in adapting behaviour to deal with others
  • 16% increase in asking for help & support when dealing with conflict
  • 12% reduction in dealing with difficult situations
  • 38% increase in how engaged they are feeling

Case Study Testimonial

“Outlook Partnerships created a bespoke training programme in line with our departmental philosophy of business partnering. We achieved an NPS score of 66 for the course from the attendees and an average of 18% increase in learning engagement levels, which exceeded our expectations. Amanda’s delivery of the course material was engaging and fun, and we would highly recommend her services.”

Jonathan Dean, Head of Credit Management & Risk