Siemens – Time Management

Overview - Workshop

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What is Included

The training workshop was delivered as a one day workshop.

Net Promotor Score (NPS)

Net Promotor Score is an industry best practice tool, that can be used to gauge the loyalty of customer relationships. A score of 50+ is deemed as excellent and a sore of 70+ is deemed as world class.

Our NPS Score is 100

The Outcome

  • Discuss the Principles of Time Management & recognise how this has changed through the four generations of time.
  • Identify the focus for your role, in terms of your goals & key result areas.
  • State the difference between Important VS Urgent & identify where you spend your time.
  • Schedule & organise your time to become more productive.
  • Delegate to the right people, on the right tasks.
  • Consciously change your negative beliefs into positive beliefs.
  • Recognise causes of stress, change your negative beliefs into positive beliefs to manage your own stressors.

Case Study Testimonial

“Dynamic, interesting & engaging workshop, that highlighted how to make simple improvements to make everyday life, a little easier, thoroughly recommend.”