Yusen Logistics Treating People as Individuals Development Programme

Overview - Workshop

Outlook Partnerships have worked with Yusen Logistics for over 10 years, working in Partnership on their Engagement Strategy. We have delivered a number of “Managing People as Individuals” workshops throughout the business to all man-managers to develop their leadership skills and provide them with the right tools and techniques to treat people as individuals, adapt their leadership style, motivate and engage others and deal effectively with conflict. Yusen Logistics wanted to expand these workshops to other targeted employees who were experiencing conflict with their key stakeholders or as a development tool, as part of their succession plans.

What is Included

The learning objectives were achieved through two x one day sessions + 121 Coaching. The first session focused on Maximising Engagement and the second session was focusing on Minimising Conflict. The 121 coaching was based on ‘Understanding Your Team’.

By the end of the programme the individuals were able to:

  • Recognise that situational leadership can provide more options
  • Identify their own motivational values, personal strengths and recognise what motivates others so you can begin to adapt their style
  • Review what makes a great conversation, apply the GROW Framework to communicate with impact and provide constructive feedback
  • Identify what causes conflict, their own conflict sequence and how to move from conflict to co-operation
  • Explore how beliefs can hinder performance and identify successful behaviour for handling conflict

The Outcome

As a result of the course:

  • 100% of Delegates felt more engaged with their team and co-workers and better able to motivate them
  • Time spent dealing with conflict reduced by 48%
  • All delegates are now dealing with difficult situations with more confidence
  • All delegates are now able to recognise their personal strengths & weaknesses using the SDI and are adapting their behaviour to improve working relationships and processes
  • Improved communications
  • Increase in efficiency and productivity
  • More / improved delegation

Case Study Testimonial

“This course was very well presented with excellent explanation. Amanda tailored the session to the needs of the group excellently; I would have no hesitation in recommending Outlook Partnerships for anyone needing to develop their staff in engaging the workforce in a relevant, informative and fun way”.

Damian Draper