High Performing Teams

Workshop Overview

There’s no room to hide on this workshop. It’s all about teams and the dynamism that happens when they’re high-performing, together.

Bring the whole team. Start motivating early and outline the potential improvements on working as one team. It’s a day without hierarchical barriers. And, helps to build an effective team with one vision, recognise personal strengths, and reduce conflict.

Our High Performing Teams Learning Workshop is ideal for newly formed teams, as well as teams that have worked together for long periods of time, as they all achieve the same result, recognising what they are doing well and what they need to do differently moving forward.

This 2-day workshop is delivered with a gap of 2 – 4 weeks between each session and can be delivered in a venue of your choice for up to 12 delegates.

Who should attend?

The whole team, including:
• Managers who want to sharpen their team dynamics and improve collaboration.
• Team members wanting to reduce conflict and recognise strengths within the team.
• Project teams or virtual teams who need to work more effectively to achieve their common goal.

What are the benefits?

• Higher motivation and engagement amongst your team(s).
• Delegates will have increased confidence and forward-thinking.
• Your team will have the knowledge of what makes a successful team within your business.
• Reduced team conflicts and increased productivity.
• Your team will be able to differentiate between a group of individuals and a cohesive team.

What does it cover?

• The first session covers Maximising Team Engagement and the second session that is around 2 – 4 weeks later covers Minimising Team Conflict.
• Exploration of our ‘Team Development Tool’ and how to apply this to build a unified and motivated team.
• Application of our Strength Deployment Inventory® - a highly effective relationship profiling tool where delegates will learn their natural strengths and potential blindsides.
• We’ll work with you and your employees to create a plan that adapts to their behaviors and motivates and engages with the strengths of the team.

Workshop length : 2 days

(up to 12 delegates)
£ 5000 + (VAT)
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