Managing Uncertainty in the Workplace

Workshop Overview

Change in the workplace is inevitable.  Whether it’s time for somebody to be promoted, or the possibility of cuts. A reshuffle of teams, or roles.

Perhaps you’re introducing new tools and technologies to the business, or there’s a change to internal policies. It could make individuals or whole companies feel uncertain.

Irrational or not, uncertainty can also have a toxic effect. At an individual level, it can even affect mental health.

Help your team develop their own personal approach to dealing with change. Give them the resilience to make a smooth and stress-free transition, no matter the situation.

Who should attend?

• Any leadership members involved in organisational change management (OCM)
• Team members who fear working with new colleagues or changing their role
• People in your team who drive and influence change
• Those who train others and delegate work

What are the benefits?

Your employees
• Will feel more confident and capable in facing the unknown
• Will feel less vulnerable and helpless
• Will be able to quickly move through the human cycle of emotions that uncertainty brings, like shock and anger
• Will embrace change and even be excited

What does it cover?

• Identifying what creates uncertainty, and what leads to certainty
• Learning what the drivers of change are, and the psychological impact in can have when you don’t feel in control
• How to manage your own fears and worries by positively changing your mindset
• Overcoming uncertainty and improving emotional intelligence

Workshop length : 1 days

(up to 12 delegates)
£ 2000 + (VAT)
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