Increase productivity, reduce staff turnover & prepare employees for change with these 3 steps!

Struggling to motivate your teams? Spending too much time reducing employee conflicts? Or perhaps your workplace is going through a period of change and it’s making staff retention a difficult task…

As a learning specialist, the successful growth and improvement of the teams you’re responsible for is paramount to your success. So we’ve been looking at the different ways in which businesses can prepare their teams for the future; whether that’s helping them to cope with change and uncertainty, or increasing their motivation.

Ensure your teams are suitably prepared for the future with these 3 steps…

STEP ONE: Increase engagement & motivation among your team

Struggling with a lack of productivity in your teams? Unmotivated employees or team members not working to their full potential has a direct impact on your business, because their productivity will decrease. It can be frustrating when this happens as it can lead to negative business results.

On the flipside, happy employees who feel valued are a real asset to any organisation. There are a number of ways you can effectively engage employees to be passionate about their work and the future goals of the business:

· Offer employee incentives– from sharing an employee’s success with the whole workforce, to bonus schemes; rewarding employees for work well done is an effective way to boost their motivation.

· Encourage teamwork & collaborative working – working with others can build trust among colleagues and build an employee’s confidence.

· Focus on training & development– this will show employees that the business is invested in their future; whilst upskilling them to prepare for their future role within the business.

We’ve explained this further (and provided even more tips!) in our blog post ‘How to improve productivity in your employees’.

STEP TWO: Manage change carefully

Change in an organisation can bring many headaches and frustrations such as a high turnover of staff. There can be a number of issues which create change within a workplace. Whether it’s changes in management and feeling there’s a shift in dynamics, or a feeling of uncertainty in the economy due to Brexit; it’s vital to ensure employees know how to handle change.

What can you do to help your employees manage change? Firstly, you need to have a plan. Start by identifying what changes are due to take place and clearly articulate which areas and more importantly, who will be affected.

You can then focus on what support employees might need in times of change. The best way to ensure they know how to handle change is to train them on:

· Recognising change

· Adapting to change

· Coping with the emotional journey change can bring

· Maintaining good communication levels throughout change

By making sure your employees can confidently handle change, they will be ready for whatever is in store for the future of the business.

STEP THREE: Build & develop successful teams

Is your precious time being eaten up by reducing conflicts between employees? When employees don’t work together to form a cohesive team, it can cause disruption to not only employees, but to your working day.

By following steps one and two, you’re already halfway to building and developing successful teams, that will be prepared for the future of the business. But what can you do to ensure everyone in the business is aligned to work together and create a high performing team?

The answer: Train employees to work as an effective team!

We provide a workshop that equips employees with the tools and techniques required to build and develop successful teams. From learning how to reduce conflict and work together to achieve the goals of the business, discover more here.

Final thoughts…

If you’d like further support with preparing your teams for the future, we provide three learning workshops that can support your teams with each of the above steps.

· Motivating & Engaging

· Managing Change in the Workplace

· Building & Developing Successful Teams

Starting from just £225 per person, these workshops have been proven to achieve results for your business. Our expert trainers will deliver the workshops in a venue of your choice, for up to 12 employees.

Register your interest or book your workshop today!

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